AHRE Condemns killings of Students and peaceful Protestors in Oromia region, and Killing at Gondor Prison, Ethiopia.

Oromo's students protest

In the last two weeks, a number of students and civilians in Oromia region were attacked by Ethiopian authorities while they were peacefully protesting against the controversial Addis Ababa’s master plan. The protest is widely spreading throughout Oromia region and continues in the last two days. AHRE’s sources confirmed that a number of students have been shot dead and many others were injured.

AHRE confirmed that at least six students and another one person were shot dead and three others were gunshot and sustained serious injuries. It is also reported that hundreds of protesters were arrested and detained in different detention centers. AHRE received a report that most of the detainees were subjected to ill-treatments and torture. To read full statement: ahre-Press-Statement-1.2015


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